Scanning & Retouching


We can make high resolution scans of both color and black & white roll film, sheet film, prints, or any 2D object up to 40 × 60". For most film applications we use Hasselblad Flextight X5 scanners for exceptional resolution and color accuracy. All high resolution scans include basic spotting and color correction except where noted.

Value Film Scanning

We know that sometimes you just want your film scanned period. Digital Silver Imaging makes it easy and affordable with our Value Film Scanning service. You get just the high resolution Hasselblad Flextight X5 scan of your color or b&w film with no digital dust removal, or color correction.

Long Roll Film Scanning

If you are a dedicated film shooter we speak your language. Our long roll film scanning services puts your images into a digital format at a price you can afford. And because we are "the" black & white experts we can also process your black & white film by hand and scan it to boot.

Scanning and File Sizes

35mm B&W35mm Color
High Res + Spotting$45$45
High Res Scan Only$15$15
Low Res$16/roll$16/roll
High Res File Size6300ppi, 70MB6300ppi, 200MB
Low Res File Size5x7 @ 300ppi5x7 @ 300ppi
 120/220 B&W120/220 Color
High Res + Spotting$55$55
High Res Scan Only$15$15
Low Res$2/frame$2/frame
High Res File Size3200ppi, 80-140MB3200ppi, 250-400MB
Low Res File Size5x5 or 5x7 @ 300ppi5x5 or 5x7 @ 300ppi
 4x5 B&W4x5 Color
High Res + Spotting$65$65
High Res Scan Only$20$20
Low Res--
High Res File Size2040ppi,163MB2040ppi, 480MB
Low Res File Size--
 8x10 FilmPrints up to 11x14
High Res + Spotting$75$50
Please contact us for a quote for scanning larger then 11x14.

CD, DVD and File Transfer Services

Send us a portable disk drive, flash drive, or we can burn a CD or DVD with your images, its your choice.

File Delivery Options
Burn to CD (up to 700MB) $8
Burn to DVD(up to 4.7GB) $12
File Upload via YouSendIt $5

Digital Retouching / Photoshop

Our technicians have years of experience and can perform miracles with Photoshop. Image restoration, retouching, or tricky color adjustments are no match for our skills.

Retouching Options
*Old, scratched, or dirty negatives will be billed for extra spot/dust removal.
Digital Silver Imaging is now using the Hasselblad Flextight X5 Scanner for high resolution film scans. Follow this link for more information. David Akiba
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Scan from Fuji 617 Panoramicc